Hack Attack Pitching Machine Review

hack attack pitching machine review

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Sports Attack is a company and brand that takes a keen interest in the quality of equipment it produces. In line with this, the Hack Attack Pitching Machine by the company is high-end pitching equipment for baseball. The Hack Attack is an efficient and reliable solution for both beginners and advanced players. Ideally, the equipment is a favorite option for players in major leagues as it has high ball speeds of 100 MPH+ fastballs. It is designed for pitching both right & left handed (breaking) pitches. Some of the exclusive features of this equipment include:

Hack Attack Pitching Machine Review

Sleek and highly functional design

Sports Attack has invested heavily in the design and outlook of the Hack Attack pitching equipment.  For starters, the three-wheel design that is unique to this brand only allows players to have a clear vision of the ball’s pathway. As such, they are able to see the ball right from the feeding motion up to release like in live pitching. Consequently, this helps the player in enhancing their swinging speeds and accuracy. When using the equipment to train for a competition, players get an upper-hand over their opponents in terms of their hitting accuracy.

What is more amazing about the equipment is that it comes with an upgraded sleek exterior design that enhances the appearance of the machine. The additional internal and external adjustments provides for instant location change. It is worth noting that the design of the equipment also provides for its stability and as such, balls thrown from the pitch are accurate in their path.

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Lightweight construction and portable

The most fascinating aspect about the Hack Attack pitching equipment is that it features lightweight construction. What’s more unique about the equipment is that it fits perfectly in any full-size car or SUV. The equipment boasts of strong and solid steel construction that withstands the effects of daily wear and tear.  As such, you can reliably use the equipment consistently on a daily basis without worrying about any aspects of the equipment falling apart. Since it is lightweight and compact, the pitching machine is portable to carry around the pitch.

Due to its high-end features, the equipment is recommendable for use in high school, college, and professional levels. This makes the equipment a great option for parents looking for pitching equipment that their children can use for transitioning from high school to college and eventually professional playing levels. This investment provides great value for money.

Easy set-up and accurate angles

The best thing about this Hack Attack equipment is that its set up is quite easy and effortless. You do not require any special skills in setting up the equipment in readiness for practice. The only requirement when setting up the machine is ensuring that the base is stable. Once set up, you can use the pitching equipment for pitching fastballs, sliders, split fingers, and curveballs. For groundballs, you can tilt the head to pivot in any direction. You can also make this adjustment for pop-ups, 380ft fly-balls, and line drives.

Unlike cheap pitching equipment that is inaccurate in their angles, this Hack Attack machine boasts of exceedingly unique accuracy in its angles. The machine is powered by an electric motor and hence it pitches accurate balls with the desired speed. Therefore, you have to connect the equipment to a power source when using it.

Minor disadvantage

Like other types of types of machines for pitching, this equipment also has its drawback. The machine is exclusively designed for baseball only. As such, unlike other machines in its level, it does not double as a softball pitching machine. Therefore, you may have to buy another machine for softball practice in case you want to hone your softball pitching skills.

When finding the best pitching machine, you cannot afford to look any further than at this Hack Attack pitching tool.

With this tool, you not only get the services of reliable pitching equipment but also an easy to maintain equipment.

The machine is easy to use and hence you are not likely to encounter any challenges in its use.

Additionally, it is safe to use with children and high school players and there is also the junior hack attack version.  Get this machine today and enjoy the benefits of a high-quality and performance guaranteed pitching equipment.