High School Baseball Bat Size

High School Baseball Bat Size

For those looking to make it to the big leagues, having the right athletic equipment can make a massive difference. Shining in high school baseball requires perseverance, skill, and knowledge of the best equipment available to you as an athlete. 

High school baseball bats come in various sizes. Consult all local and national rules and regulations before deciding on a baseball bat size and weight.

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Play by the Rules

High school bat regulations differ depending on your age and location. There might be restrictions on bat length, barrel size, and one or two-piece bats depending on your age. 

Note that high-school and junior leagues may differ in their regulations of bat sizes and types. You can find more about regulatory requirements for your high-school-age group via USA Baseball.

Finding the Right Length

The most important measuring tool for high-school baseball athletes is finding the correct length of a baseball bat to fit your frame. 

A simple technique to find the best bat length for your body type is to let the baseball bat’s barrel top sit flat against the ground. If the handle reaches up to your palm when your hand is comfortably at your side, this bat length is proper for your height and arm length.

You can see a demonstration of this technique in this YouTube video.

High-school and collegiate baseball requires that bats be no shorter than 31” and no longer than 34”. 

Types of Baseball Bats

There are various types of baseball bats. These bats vary in size, weight, and material. Some baseball leagues may require or restrict the use of wood or two-piece bats depending on the league regulation.

Currently, all high school bats must be BBCOR regulated in order to adhere to elasticity and safety protocol. High school regulations allow for both wood and specific two-piece bats if the bat has a BBCOR certification.

Under recent regulation, high-school baseball bats must also have a smooth cylinder from the top of the cap to the bottom handle of the bat.

Barrel Size

The length of the bat is not the only size to consider when purchasing a new baseball bat. For high school athletes, BBCOR standards also restrict barrel size to 2 ⅝” and require a drop weight of -3.

Drop weight for baseball bats refers to the length of the bat in inches compared to the weight of the bat in ounces.

calculate baseball bat drop

Final Word

When purchasing a new baseball bat, make sure you check with all local and national regulations. Once you consider regulations and restrictions, measuring each bat for personal comfort ensures high-school athletes have safe and effective equipment.