High School Baseball Coach Salary

Baseball Coaches Salary

The average High School baseball coach earns between $30,800 and $51,330 a year.

Being a high school baseball coach is exciting as one gets to instruct, motivate, and coach high school athletes. Coaching is one of the ways to share the love for the sport. 

Read on to learn more about how much a high school baseball coach earns and what is required for one to become a baseball coach.

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What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Baseball Coach?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that potential high school coaches must meet certain requirements. Apart from taking an education program required by the state, a coach also needs to have CPR training. 

Sometimes the school work with the high school coach to ensure he/she is certified with the state prior to working. 

A baseball coach also needs to have communication and leadership skills. Having these skills allows the coach to inspire, motivate, and instruct players during practice and on the field when competing. 

BLS notes that a high school baseball coach must complete a background check and a drug test to work in most schools.

A coach also needs to be familiar with the rules of the sport he/she intends to coach. The knowledge can be acquired through studying or playing the sport. Most coaches have a bachelor’s degree in physical education, fitness, sports science, physiology, or another relevant field. 

What Are Some Duties of a Baseball Coach?

Some of the duties of a baseball coach at the high school level include:

  • Attending each game after the season starts
  • Deciding who gets to the team
  • Training the students 
  • Assigning specific positions
  • Developing game drills and strategies
  • Implement necessary changes 

How Much Does a High School Baseball Coach Earn?

The pay range for a high school baseball coach ranges between $30,800 and $51,330 a year.  This salary range can vary depending on factors like certification, education, years spent in the sport, the city one is in, and any other additional skills. 

Some of the notable high-paying states for high school baseball coaches include Alabama, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and New Hampshire.


A high school baseball coach plays a critical role in helping students improve on their craft through regular practice and coaching. He/she provides guidance through the match-ups and authorizes any changes in the team. 

Baseball coaches can also double up as teachers in their schools if they possess the required qualifications, boosting their income and helping guide student athletes in additional ways.