How To Clean Your Baseball Or Softball Glove?

How to clean your baseball or softball glove

A baseball/ softball glove is an important necessity for you the player. It needs to be properly cleaned and stored for it to last long enough. That glove has a special way it has to be treated for it to give you the service you expect. Read the following guideline and learn everything you need to learn for you to be able to keep your glove in its best shape.

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Why you should clean your glove ?


Cleaning your glove is the easiest way of giving it a long life. The glove is important and needs to remain in good shape for as long as possible. Your glove is made of tough leather and every use exposes it to various things that would harm it. You can only reassure its strength through proper cleaning.
Breaking in a baseball/ softball glove is not easy. It is not a thing that you would love to repeat every now and then. The best way of retaining its shape and condition is through proper cleaning. Clean it regularly and help it maintain its shape for a long time.

How to clean your glove ?

Get everything you need

How to clean your baseball or softball glove


You should start by highlighting and acquiring everything you need. Remember to only use the correct equipment for this job. The materials you need are a dry towel or a cotton rag and a shaving cream. Don’t use anything else that would harm the glove.

Wipe the glove

How to clean your baseball or softball glove


You have to get rid of the excess dirt that is on the glove. Use a towel or a rug to do this. Wipe gently and try to get deep in between those fingers as much as you can. This is easy and should not take you long as the idea here is to just rub off the loosely held dirt.

Moisturize the glove

How to clean your baseball or softball glove


Your baseball or softball glove needs to be moisturized appropriately. Shave cream is the easiest moisturizer option you can do with. The cream cannot harm the glove in any way. Apply the shaving cream into the pocket of the glove sparingly.

Rub it

How to clean your baseball or softball glove


Use your hand to spread the cream in the pocket of the glove. The cream has to be spread through around rubbing motion. Make some circular rubbing motions so as to ensure that the glove remains fully moisturized.

Wipe off the excess cream

Use your dry towel or cotton rag to do this. The excess cream needs to be wiped out so as to prevent it from hosting debris and dirt. The excess cream can also make the glove weight down. Wipe it down gently and make sure to not overdo it.

How to store and take care of your glove

It is important for you to properly take care and store your glove. When not in use, it should be kept in a cool and dry place. The glove should not be kept anywhere where high temperatures are recorded. Room temperature is good for it and that is why it should remain indoors.
The glove needs to remain dry at all times. You should always make sure that it is dried appropriately every time it gets wet in the field. A clean, dry rag can be used to wipe it dry. In case it gets stiff after drying, condition it using an appropriate conditioner.
If the glove is to be stored for some time, you should store it with a ball. The ball helps in retaining its shape. Ensure that the ball remains inside the pocket and the glove rolls over it correctly. Be sure to check the condition of the glove every now and then.
When cleaning it, make sure to use the correct equipment. This is always emphasized on because most players damage their gloves through cleaning. The correct leather moisturizer/ conditioner have to be used. You should also follow the correct method of cleaning the glove.
Your glove may also need a break in. Break in is commonly necessary when the glove is new or has not been in use for some time. You should always break in your glove using the correct formula. Damages should be avoided as much as possible.

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Avoid storing your baseball or softball glove in a non-ventilated area. Air locked places normally creates room for mold to grow. If your glove is in such a place, mold will form on it and can even cause damages. Always ensure that your place of storage is well ventilated.
You should avoid using conditioners that are not meant for the glove. Your glove can be over softened by conditioners meant for other leather types. Only use the correct glove conditioner and apply it in the right way. A glove conditioner comes with a label that can help you easily identify it.

How to break in a glove through conditioning

Apply the conditioning oil

Start by applying a small amount of your conditioning oil in the glove’s pocket and form a thin coat. Make sure to use conditioning oil meant for your glove. A shaving cream mixed with lanolin can also be used instead of the oil.

Wrap the glove with its ball inside

Place the appropriate ball in the pocket of the glove. Make sure the ball is positioned at the correct point. Wrap the glove with several rubber bands and ensure that the ball is firmly held. Expose your glove to direct sunlight for some hours.

Shape the glove

Take back your glove and unwrap it. Remove the ball and punch the glove in its pocket continuously to make it take a good shape. Also, remember to be opening and closing it during this. Hit the pocket strongly with the ball without forgetting to open and close it as you continue.

Store the glove

How to clean your baseball and softball glove


Wrap your ball again with the ball inside and keep it in a safe, dark and dry place for two days. On the day of retrieval, you will notice that your baseball/ softball glove is good and ready use.

Conclusion: Having the best baseball glove is a very important tool that should be maintained in the best way. Proper cleaning and storage is needed for it to remain efficient for long. Always treat your glove in the right way and be sure to clean it regularly.