What Is The Best Way To Clean White Baseball Pants?

What Is The Best Way To Clean White Baseball Pants

Playing baseball is quite exciting but washing the white baseball pants can be a grueling and daunting task. These pants can be quite challenging to clean because stains readily stand out from the white fabric.

Since the sport is played in different outdoor conditions, such as grass and ground environments, stains are never too hard to come by. When not properly removed, these stains will definitely make the white baseball pants appear dirty, unsightly, and poorly maintained.

To properly wash the pants, it is necessary to ensure that you use the appropriate stain treatment as well as the right laundry techniques.

Remove dirt and mud from the pants

What is the best way to clean white baseball pants

The first thing you should do when cleaning baseball pants is removing any excess mud or loose dirt on the pant. Shake the pants vigorously when dry or use a gentle brush to remove the dirt particles. For wet pants, you should spray them with plenty of cold water in a sink to rinse dirt particles and mud.

Identify the material of the pants

Determine if your baseball pants are colorfast. This is because you need to be careful when treating stains on the pants to avoid causing any damage to the color. Mostly, baseball pants are white with a few color stripes for decoration.

If the pants are all white, there is no need for concern but if they have colored pinstripes then you need to be careful when using a bleaching agent like chlorine. If the colored patches in the pants seem to change after adding chlorine bleach, you should avoid using the bleach as it will interfere with the color of the pants since they (pants) are not colorfast.

Identify the stain type on the pants

What is the best way to clean white baseball pants?


Identifying the stain type on your baseball pants is paramount in choosing the right cleaning mechanism to use. This is because stains are treated differently depending on their type. For instance blood, mud and dirt are protein stains which are treated differently from dye stains such as grass and red clay.

Pre Soak the pants to remove stains

Protein stains should be treated by rinsing the pants in cold water. If the stains on the pants are fresh, then cold water alone should be enough to remove the stains. Avoid using hot water to remove the stains as it only causes protein stains to attach themselves deeper into the pants’ fabric. If the stains are not removed by cold water, add a heavy-duty detergent or an enzyme-laundry additive to the cold water.

Dye stains should be treated by adding a heavy-duty detergent on the stains and rubbing the fabric gently. Afterwards, rinse the pants with cold water and soak them in cold water treated with color-safe bleach. You can consider using chlorine bleach for colorfast pants with persistent stains.

Wash baseball pants alone

What is the best way to clean white baseball pants?

Baseball pants and uniforms should be washed alone. Do not put the pants into the washing machine together with other clothes especially those made from cotton or cotton blends. This is because the lint in the other clothes may come off and get clang onto the numbers and letters in the pants.

Use warm water and a heavy-duty detergent to clean the pants. Avoid using hot water to clean the pants as this can cause the numbers and letters on the pants to fade since they are colored.

After washing the pants, hang them out on a clothe-line to dry. Do not put your baseball pants into a dryer as the high heat produced by driers causes the pants to shrink, colors to fade and sets in stains. Drying the pants with direct sunlight allows them time to dry evenly and does not interfere with the quality of the fabric.

Tips to remember when cleaning white baseball pants

Always treat stains within the earliest possible instance. Fresh stains are easier to remove than those that have already stayed on the fabric for a few days. Additionally, ensure that you understand the fabric and type of stain on your pants before using any bleaching agent to treat the stains.

Do not scrap or rub the stain too much and harshly as this damages the fibers in the pant’s fabric. If done extensively and repeatedly, this can result in holes and pulls in the fabric thereby making it less attractive.