How To Measure Hand Size For Baseball Gloves [Chart & Guide]

How to measure hand size for baseball gloves

In baseball and softball, fielding gloves are some of the must-have playing tools for all players. This is because gloves enable you to achieve the much-needed diving catch while playing. Gloves come in different sizes with some being small, others medium, and others large in size. Whichever size of glove you settle for, you need to ensure that it fits perfectly and has a comfortable feel when worn. When buying a baseball glove, there are several considerations that you should make. To extend the glove’s life regularly apply a baseball glove conditioner.

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How To Measure Hand Size For Baseball Glove

To measure your hand size for a baseball glove you should consider your index finger length in relation to the palm of the glove. Also, take diameter into account to determine whether a stretch style is more suitable.

Consider index finger length

The length of the middle finger determines the glove length. Usually, the middle is a little longer than the index finger. Glove manufacturers use the index finger length as the basis for determining glove length. The average difference between the length of the middle finger and that of the index finger is 0.25”. When buying a baseball glove, if the length of your index finger varies by 0.25”, then you should buy a glove that is one size down.

how to measure hand size for baseball gloves

Consider large diameter fingers

Most baseball and softball players have muscular fingers and palms. Such players should consider using gloves with a STRETCH style and design. These gloves accommodate large palms and fingers comfortably. It is worth noting that gloves with great stretch material are the best choice for people with excessively large fingers and palms. Knit textile gloves are more elastic than leather gloves and as such, the former stretch more. A really excellent choice for the best gloves with a good stretch is the seamless knit glove.

how to measure hand size for baseball gloves

Choose a glove that is right for you

For purposes of allowing you to play effectively and without injuring your catching hand, it is necessary to use a glove that is right for you. If you are a baseman player, you should settle on a specific glove as opposed to just any baseball glove. This is because you need a glove that is exclusively designed for use by basemen. These are gloves that are designed to efficiently receive throws and absorb the throwing force to ensure that there is no injury to your hand.

Opt for thin gloves

If you are looking for classy baseball gloves with unique protection and excellent comfort when worn, then you should opt for thin gloves. Most players presume that thick gloves are the best choice for ultimate protection and comfort while wearing. However, this is not always the case as thick gloves are quite uncomfortable to wear. Ideally, gloves with a 1-2 mm thickness provides adequate protection and are exceptionally comfortable to wear. Additionally, these gloves are easy to use and fit better.

Specify the preferred level of protection

Players have specific needs and preferences when it comes to baseball gloves. As such, before settling for any glove, it is necessary that specify your preferred level of protection. This saves you the trouble of having to settle on any gloves particularly those that do not provide your desired level of protection. You need to settle on a glove that has a good cut as well as puncture protection for purposes of keeping your hands’ safe while at the same time allowing you to play effectively.

Use a baseball glove size chart

There are glove sizing charts found in most sports shops and retailers that deal in sports items. These charts make it easy to select the best fitting glove size depending on the size of your palms and fingers. You can measure the size of your hand using a tailor’s tape or any other measuring tool such as a cotton string. Wrap the string/tailor’s tape around your hand while you have clutched a fist to measure your hand width.

Know your hand circumference

how to measure hand size for baseball gloves

Baseball glove manufacturers use hand circumference as a standard metric for glove sizing. Hand circumference is the area/region between the area of contact between the pointer finger and pinkie on the palm. You may not necessarily need to measure your hand’s circumference if you are in a sports shop trying different glove sizes to find the one that fits perfectly. However, if you ordering your gloves online or having them custom-tailored, you should take this measurement to send to the manufacturer.

Outfield glove choices

An outfielder in baseball mostly retrieves the ball as opposed to playing fast catch and release. Due to this, outfield baseball players should wear typically large gloves with a stylish closed web design from the fingers to the thumb. In addition to this, the best outfield glove choices should have deep pockets. The best size of outfield gloves for adult outfield baseball players is 12 inches or more. However, the webbing design and size are dependent on the player.

Choose versatile gloves

Versatile baseball gloves are great choices as they have a universal size and features thereby making them great choices for playing different baseball positions. These gloves serve both infield and outfield positions and are a great choice for players who wish to play in different positions. These multi-purpose gloves may also be used while playing as a first baseman or catcher.

Consider durability

Baseball gloves are exposed to very harsh conditions when playing a game of baseball. Due to this, it is important to choose a glove that is of superior quality and is manufactured using the best material. This is a glove that is exceptionally durable and is able to withstand the great wear and tear they are exposed to while playing. To add to this you will want to clean your glove regularly to make sure that it is always in top condition.

Consider price

Baseball gloves are priced differently depending on factors such as quality, webbing design, customization, and other related qualities. Due to this, it is necessary to ensure that you have a budget and a specific price range when shopping for baseball gloves. This allows you to settle on the best quality glove depending on your budget. In addition to this, a budget helps in ensuring that you do not spend too much money on purchasing gloves such that you end up straining yourself financially.

Choose the right glove depending on your playing hand

If you use your right hand to play baseball, then you should only purchase a right-handed baseball glove. Likewise, left-handed throwers should use a left-hand glove. This consideration is very important as buying a glove that does not match your playing hand can be quite disadvantageous while playing and you may not be able to play efficiently as you would when using the right glove.

Ideally, choosing a good baseball glove is paramount in enabling you to find the sport exciting and thrilling. As such, it is necessary to be cautious when shopping for these gloves so that you settle on a glove that fits perfectly, and one that is comfortable to wear while at the same time offering the best protection.