How To Pick A Slow Pitch Softball Bat


It may be hard for softball players, especially the beginners, to choose the best slow pitch bat. This is because they don’t know what they should look for in the bat. There are various things that every player should keep in mind when picking a slow pitch softball bat.Having the correct softball bat helps you play with confidence as you know that you are using your best fit that is allowed. You are also able to play accurately and without straining. The correct slow pitch softball bat even allows you to practice efficiently and remain perfect in the competitions since you will be sticking to the same bat.Picking the appropriate slow pitch bat is essential. For you to be able to pick the bat easily and quickly, consider the following guide. It states the important things you should note when picking your bat.

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1. Certifications

There are various softball leagues available in the world. The leagues include USSSA, ASA, ISF, ISA and NSA. Each league has its own bat specifications it has set for them to be meant by any bat that is to be used in the league.

It is therefore important for you to know which leagues you will be participating in before purchasing your slow pitch softball bat. Knowing the leagues helps you pick a bat that meets all the requirements and specifications. It would be so discouraging if you were to turn up for a game with a bat that would only prevent you from participating because it does not meet the requirements and specifications.

Every league has a stamp that is normally stuck on all the bats that are allowed for its softball games. After knowing the leagues you will be participating in, you can carry on with knowing their stamps and checking if your ideal bat has them.

2. The weight of the bat

Slow pitch softball bats normally come in almost equal lengths and diameters. They normally feature a 2 inches diameter and are usually 34 inches long. This leaves you with the option of having to determine the most appropriate bat weight.

The weight of the bats cannot be lower than 26 ounces and cannot exceed 30 ounces. The most ideal bat weight can only be determined by you the player. Comfortability matters a lot and you should go for a bat that helps you play easily and comfortably.

Light softball bats are easy to swing but do not offer the best natural pop. Your effort therefore determines the pop. Heavy bats on the other hand offer a good pop but cannot be swung as fast as the light ones. Your swinging strength and hitting power should help you choose the best bat weight.

To easily arrive on the best bat with the most ideal weight, you can try playing with a heavy and a light bat and then compare the results. The one that helps you flex well should be your choice.

3. Weight distribution over the bat

Weight distribution over the bat varies depending on the bat type. Bats come as either end loaded or balanced. This difference in weight distribution creates a major variance on which you should go for a bat that best favors your hit.

End loaded bats normally have most of their weight concentrated on the barrel end. The concentration of the weight on one side makes the bat good for pops. The bat may however need some expertise for precise hitting. End loaded bats normally provides a powerful hit.

Balanced bats, just as the name suggests, features equal weight distribution to both ends. All the ends weigh the same and this creates a good room for a larger sweet spot. Balanced bats provide a good swing weight that is easier and lighter.

For you to easily pick the most ideal bat, you should try both end loaded and balanced bats. After that, you can make a comparison and come up with the most comfortable one. Balanced bats normally provide a better sweet spot and may therefore be the best for beginners. End-loaded bats may need some expertise for precise hits.

4. Material used

Softball bats are made using varying materials. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. The performance also varies and every player has her own preference when it comes to selecting the best bat depending on the material used.

Most of the bats used in most leagues are made using composite materials. Different carbon fibers and graphite are combined to make the composite bats. They are known to provide an advanced pop that happens to be very good. Composite bats may not last for so long depending on your style of play and how much often the bat is used.

Softball bats can also be made using alloy materials. Alloy bats provide a stiff feeling when they come into contact with the ball. These bats are known to last for long and require no break in because they come ready for play.

Composite materials can as well be combined with alloy and make a composite/ alloy bat. Such a bat will have either a composite or an alloy material on one of its end and have the other material on its other end. This combination leads to the formation of a reliable bat that offers expertly determined performance.

Bats can also be made using a wooden material. The most common materials used for the wooden bats include bamboo and maple. These bats are the only ones allowed in wood bat leagues. They can also be used in other games depending on the league association involved. Wooden bats are normally strong and durable. They also provide extra pop.

5. Construction technology

Softball bats are also constructed with either of the two available technologies. They can either be single/one piece or double/two pieces. One piece technology bats are more traditional and provide a stiffer feel when they come into contact with the ball.

Two-piece technology bats are made using two layers of construction materials. They tend to provide an extra whip which is determined by the hitting power. These bats also make a better pop and provide an extra hitting power.

6. Grip

How to pick a slow pitch softball bat

Softball bats also come with different grips. Most of the grips are replaceable and can therefore not stop you from purchasing your most ideal bat. Most of the bats come with either a leather grip or a synthetic leather grip. The grips can be cushioned to provide a better shock absorption. The best grip is the one that allows you to freely feel and swing the bat.


The above points should help you in choosing the most ideal softball bat. You should be able to know which bat fits you the most. Different bat brands come with different features. The features of each brand are normally tagged alongside it. Those features are the ones explained above. Shopping for your most ideal bat therefore remains easier as you will only pick the one with your preferred features.