JUGS BP1 Pitching Machine Review

JUGS BP1 Pitching Machine

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In our review of the JUGS BP1 Pitching Machine, we explore its features and how it compares to other pitching machines.

Our Conclusion

Overall Grade – 4.0 out of 5

The JUGS BP1 Pitching Machine is an excellent all-around pitching machine that delivers high-end performance but comes in at a higher price point than some competitors.

The standout feature of the BP1 is the velocity range. It throws fastballs as low as 15 mph and as high as 70 mph—much faster than most competitors. And the digital readout display gives you complete control over the velocity. That range is particularly useful for coaches who work with different age groups (or parents with siblings with a significant age gap).

It is a very versatile machine, pivoting to allow for defensive practice as well as batting practice. The device can launch fly balls, pop-ups, and grounders. It also works with baseballs and softballs of most sizes and styles.

Overall, the JUGS BP1 is a high-end pitching machine with excellent features, that you’ll need to pay a high-end price to get.


  • Excellent velocity—amongst the highest in the at-home pitching machine market
  • Compact frame when disassembled makes for practical transportation
  • Transitions easily to holistic defensive training
  • Complete control over speed and angle of flight thanks to the intuitive digital readout display


  • Relatively costly compared to other alternatives
  • Very heavy at 75 lbs

JUGS BP1 Pitching Machine made it into our selection of:

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Should You Buy the JUGS BP1 Pitching Machine?


  • If you prioritize a wide velocity range—perhaps because you coach a wide age range 
  • If you’re willing to pay market price for high-end features
  • If you want a machine that pitches automatically, without sacrificing complete control over the range, angle, and velocity.


  • If you’re shopping on a budget and prioritize value for the price
  • If you want a manual machine that you can set up anywhere and use without a power source

Features – 4.4 out of 5

The BP1 doesn’t have a wide array of bells and whistles in the way that some competitors do, but the features it does have are quite excellent.

The first thing that catches your attention with the JUGS BP1 is the high-end velocity. Not many at-home pitching machines can deliver speeds up to 70 mph, but that’s precisely what the BP1 does. That is a very attractive feature for parents or coaches of older players who want to simulate harder fastballs.

But it can also pitch as slow as 15 mph, slower than the low-end of many competitors. If you have younger kids just starting with coach pitch baseball, this is a perfect velocity for them. So if you work with kids of multiple ages, or want to invest in a pitching machine that can increase in velocity as they increase their skill, this is a perfect fit.

The machine has easy 360-degree rotation to pivot into defensive practice quickly. The speed is controlled with a dial, and the digital display indicates the velocity down to the individual digit.

The JUGS BP1 requires a 110-Volt AC power supply.

JUGS BP1 Action

Portability – 3.9 out of 5

While it weighs in at a hefty 75 lbs, the BP1 has a very compact frame when the legs are not attached to the body of the machine, allowing for transportation.

There are two factors that determine how portable a pitching machine is: frame and weight. The weight here is definitely suboptimal at 75 lbs. With the legs off, one person should be able to load the base into a car if they’re relatively strong. But most will want assistance if they have to carry it a long way.

On the plus side, though, the legs come off easily, and when the machine is disassembled, it is quite compact. Relative to its weight, it’s not too much of a challenge to maneuver. And it should comfortably fit in just about any car.  

Durability – 4.2 out of 5

The BP1 is a sturdy machine that nonetheless has several key areas of interest.

Even top rated baseball pitching machines will have durability concerns, mainly when there are separate pieces that regularly get attached and detached. There is a variety of moving parts that can have issues, as well as wear and tear from the consistent assembly.

However, the BP1 uses quite sturdy materials overall. Users can feel confident in their purchase to get several years of performance out of this machine.s

Safety – 3.7 out of 5

The JUGS BP1 is not immune to the safety concerns common to most wheel-based automatic pitching machines.

Most automatic pitching machines can pose relatively uncommon but still severe safety risks if children get too close. If clothing or body parts get caught in the mechanism, they can cause significant injury. While a few competitors offer safety guards to prevent this, the BP1 does not, so we recommend not allowing children to get too close to the machine while it is operating.

Ball Type Used

The BP1 fits 11 and 12-inch softballs, baseballs, dimple balls, sting-free baseballs and softballs, and tennis balls.

Recommended Accessories

You will need a few accessories before you’re ready to hit the BP1. Most importantly, you’ll need a power source. You can go with a generator, but those are noisy, and they’re not particularly fuel-efficient. We recommend a battery pack. 

Further, if you plan on having a coach stand behind the machine, we recommend also acquiring a batting practice net.

Why Buy the JUGS BP1 Pitching Machine?

If you’re looking for a pitching machine that you can take on the go that will provide you with quality high-end and/or low-end velocity, the JUGS BP1 is the perfect model for you.  

It is on the pricier side and requires an external power source to use. But in addition to its excellent velocity range, it has simple, intuitive controls, it’s solidly durable, and offers an all-around approach to training as it can seamlessly transition from batting practice to defensive simulation.  

If you’re willing to invest in a more expensive at-home pitching machine, the JUGS BP1 is an excellent option.