Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine Review

Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine

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Players who are focused on transforming their playing skills to pro skills know that training and practice are crucial requirements. The key element in playing softball and baseball is hitting the ball correctly, with intense power and high accuracy. To improve these skills, it is recommendable to invest in Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine. This pitching equipment is easy to use thereby making it a great choice for players who are new to the sport. The machine is designed to throw consistent balls and as such helps players in refining their hitting skills to their best levels. Here are a few key features to note about the Jugs Small Pitching Equipment:

Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine Review

Superior design and solid construction

Jugs has a reputation for designing superior quality machines that are functional and equally reliable. This small ball pitching equipment by the company boasts of a classic and unique design that is exclusive to the brand. What is amazing about this model is that it is built using heavy-duty steel. The material is durable and resistant to wear and tear. Consequently, the machine can last for long without breaking apart and hence giving you value for money. You can use the machine year in year out without worrying about the machine becoming faulty.

The most fascinating aspect about the overall design and build of this machine is that the equipment is compact in size. Therefore, you can transport it with great ease due to its unmatched portability. The simplicity of the machine ensures that its set up and consequent use are easy without any requirement of specialized skills or know-how. Ideally, anyone can use the machine by following the manufacturer’s guide and instructions.

Versatile Pitching Machine

Players looking for versatile pitching equipment that guarantees to deliver the best performance should look no further than at this Jugs pitching machine. This is because the versatility of the machine makes it stand out from other machines in its league. For starters, the small ball pitcher throws accurate fastballs as well as overhand curves. All balls are thrown at simulated speeds with the maximum speed being 75 mph. Regular fastballs are a perfect training choice for 7-10-year-old players while advanced fastballs are ideal for high school and older players.

The fastballs used by the machine are soft and hence are not likely to break windows or dent walls in the basement. As such, you can use the equipment both indoors and in outdoor spaces. However, the pitching experience varies when playing in a basement due to space limitation. The machine throws 5â€, 5-ounce balls that are sold separately.

Compatible with both manual and automatic feeders

The best thing about this small ball pitching equipment is that it can use both automatic and manual feeders. Due to this, you can use the machine in any environment including in an open field without an electric power source. Additionally, you can connect the equipment to a power source in your basement for the best intense and accurate throws.  The feeder for the equipment (for both manual and automatic) holds up to 25 balls. Therefore, you can enjoy an uninterrupted pitching practice session when using the machine.

The Jugs pitching equipment also runs on a rechargeable battery pack for purposes of using an automatic feeder in environments without a power source. Speed adjustments are done using dial buttons in the machine. To get the best service from the equipment, you need to ensure that its base is stable and in the best pitching position. This ultra-light equipment guarantees that you will enjoy consistent strikes and vary pitches depending on your practicing preferences. The parts in the machine are durable and hence are not likely to break apart unless when maintained in pristine conditions. The legs in the equipment are adjustable for purposes achieving the most realistic delivery height.

Minor drawback

The only setback about this classy pitching equipment is that it does not come with a 360-degree swivel function. However, the absence of this functionality does not hinder the unrivaled reliability and dependability of the equipment.

Buy this pitching machine from Jugs to enjoy a world-class pitching experience at the comfort of your home. With the equipment, you can be guaranteed to hone your playing skills in the best way possible and at your own pace.