Louisville Slugger Upm 50 Black Flame Pitching Machine Review

Louisville Slugger Upm 50 Black Flame Pitching Machine Review1

Choosing the best and most appropriate pitching flame pitching machine to invest in can be confusing. This is because there are unlimited choices of these machines in the market. However, Louisville Slugger upm 50 Black Flame Pitching Machine edges out as one of the best machines to purchase. The machine is designed for use by young players, particularly those who are over six years of age. Some of the unique features of this machine are such as:

Louisville Slugger Upm 50 Black Flame Pitching Machine Review

Louisville Slugger Upm 50 Black Flame Pitching Machine Review

Unique versatility and Ease of use

The most fascinating aspect about the upm 50 machine by Louisville Slugger is that it is easy to use. Unlike other machines that are incredibly hard to operate, this machine does not require any special skills or expertise to operate.  The machine features and settings that allow parents and coaches to have a preference for the type of pitch they want the machine to throw.  The upm 50 pitching machine is designed to throw level pitches, grounders, fly balls, and perfect strikes among other types of pitch throw.

Another incredible aspect about this machine is that its sheer versatility makes the machine ideal for vigorous training and practice for purposes of increasing hitting performance.  This goes a long way in improving and perfecting the pitching skills of young players who are keen on becoming pro players.  The machine has a top throwing speed of 50mph and as such, it is generally safe for use with youthful players.

Lightweight and Portable

Louisville Slugger focuses on designing and constructing pitching machines that are functional and portable. As such, the machine is built using considerably lightweight materials that are incredibly strong and durable.  The solid construction of the machine makes it possible to use it for a long time without worrying about the pitching flame machine breaking.  Unknown to most people, the strong build of the machine guarantees that the performance, reliability, and dependability of the machine are at its best at all times.

The machine features interchangeable components that allow the user to switch between throwing high fly balls to strikes or long balls.  These interchangeable parts go a long way in teaching proper switch mechanics. This Louisville Slugger machine is incredibly accurate for making the perfect strikes, grounders and even fly balls.

Cost efficient to operate and maintain

The best thing about purchasing this machine is that it is manually operated. Therefore, you do not need to purchase batteries or any other alternative power source. The manual operation of the machine makes it possible to use it in virtually any location on the pitch. The upm 50 Black pitching machine is ready to use at all times and in any weather. You only need to secure it on the ground so that it does not jerk or move when throwing pitches. The slightest movement in the machine can shift the pitches thereby delivering the wrong pitch balls.

Since all the parts in this Louisville Slugger are manual, they do not require frequent repairs or maintenance. With proper use, the machine can last for up to two years without requiring any repair or replacement of its components. This makes the upm 50 pitchers to a conveniently affordable machine especially for parents without excess money to spend on maintaining and repairing these machines regularly.

Minor drawback

The only setback about this upm 50 pitching machine is that it does not feature an automatic feed of the balls. As such, you have to feed balls one at a time and reset it after every throw.  This takes only a few seconds and therefore will not cause any inconveniences when playing. What is amazing about this setback is that it actually favors young players. This is because it allows them to get ready in the box before the next ball is thrown.

Parents looking for an ultra-light pitching machine that varies pitches should look no further than at this Louisville Slugger pitching machine.  The machine delivers consistent strikes while at the same time guaranteeing the safety of kids at all times. You can purchase the pitcher for use by kids as young as 6 years old up to their late teenage years. This saves you the trouble of having to buy a pitcher every now and then. Get this machine today and enjoy the reliable service of a reputable pitcher that will deliver beyond expectations.

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Louisville Slugger Upm 50 Black Flame Pitching Machine Review
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