Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat

Marucci Chase Utley Cu26 Pro Maple Black Wood Baseball Bat

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Marucci is a baseball bat brand that is increasingly becoming popular among baseball players. This is mainly because the brand has continuously been making high quality, well balanced and solid bats. In line with this spirit, the Chase Utley Cu26 Pro Maple Black Wood Bat by Marucci is a top-quality bat that delivers beyond expectations. Designed and made using a one of a kind Bone Rubbing Technique, the bat boasts of having very hardwood that is exceptionally resistant to breaking.

Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat

Handcrafted from fine quality maple wood

The best thing about the construction of this Marucci bat is that it is handcrafted right from its design to the last production stage. This ensures that the bat is made to detail with all aspects such as strength, length, weight, and handle being done perfectly. The Bone Rubbing Technique used when making the bat closes pores on the wood thereby making it exceptionally harder than other wood bats in the market. The handcrafting of the bat also ensures that the bat possesses balanced swing weight for better control.

Marucci Chase Utley Pro Model Maple Baseball Bat, CU26

Has a pro cupped end

Like other classic and unique bats, this Marucci bat comes with a pro cupped end. This end enhances proper weight distribution across the bat right from the handle to the barrel. This in turn leads to better weight balance thus enabling to control the bat with much ease. The pro cupped end also makes the bat ideal for both power and contact hitters. As such, the bat addresses the needs of all players and suits all playing styles. Since the hitting surface in this bat is fairly harder than in most wood bats, it does not get dented easily even with constant use.

Large barrel and massive sweet spot

The large barrel of the bat provides players with a great hitting surface thus making it hard to miss the ball when playing with this bat. The large barrel also favours junior and youthful players as it enables them to improve their accuracy and control skills, especially when preparing for a league. In addition to this, the bat also prides itself on having a massive sweet spot that provides players with an added advantage over their opponents. It is worth noting that the bat produces an amazing pop after the ball hits the sweet spot. What is more amazing about this bat is that it has a great whipping action thereby enhancing the playing experience of using the bat.

Tapered handle and superiorly finished

The handle in this Marucci Chase Utley Bat is tapered and sanded to create a smooth surface with a gentle feel on the hands. The thin but firm handle of the bat adds great power to every hit thereby enabling players to hit the ball towards the target with better accuracy and ease. The handle also cushions players from the vibrations and stings produced after the ball comes into contact with the bat. What is more amazing about the handle is that it allows players to achieve fast swing speeds. The bat features a classy black finish.

Benefits and Pros of the Marucci Chase Utley Cu26 Bat

The Marucci Chase Utley Cu26 Bat is a versatile baseball bat that delivers beyond the expectations of any player; pro players and beginners alike. The bat is very durable and can last for years with proper care and maintenance as well as appropriate use. The bat is ready to use and does not take long to break in. Since the wood density of the bat is enhanced through the Bone Rubbing Technique, the bat can withstand thousands of hits without breaking or developing crack lines. The length-weight ratio in the bat is well balanced thus allowing better control of the bat.


Generally, the Marucci Chase Utley Cu26 Pro Bat is well designed and nicely finished thereby making it a very reliable bat. However, the bat is prone to cracking and breaking when used to hit hard surfaces like walls and falls. Additionally, hitting the ball with the length of the bat (or any other part other than the hitting surface) can cause cracks on the bat.

Ideally, this Marucci Chase Bat is specially suited for experienced wood bat baseball players. Even so, players moving from metal bats to wood ones can still use the bat but it will take them some time to control and swing the bat perfectly. This high-end wood bat is used by a considerable number of professional baseball players.