Marucci JB 19 Youth Review

Marucci JB 19 Youth Review

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The JB19 bat from Marucci boasts of being one of the fastest and most balanced youth bats in the market. Marucci is popular for consistently producing wooden bats that exhibit high-quality features and precise technique that is akin to that in some of the best quality and priciest bats in the market. All Marucci bats are handcrafted and finely finished by use of hands. From the cutting to calibration, balancing, buffing and lacquering are all done by hand. The wood used in the JB19 bat is selectively cut from naturally grown Pennsylvanian forest trees. As such, the bats are incredibly durable and resistant to breaking even with continuous use on a daily basis.

Marucci jb 19 Youth Review

Thick handle and traditional knob

Players who prefer using bats with a thick and strong handle for a comfortable grip will find this JB19 bat incredibly useful to them. The handle allows for a firm and secure grip especially when swinging to make fast and powerful hits. Ideally, when using this JB19 bat, you need not worry about it slipping from your hands when swinging the bat. It is worth noting that the handle is sufficiently padded to absorb shock and vibrations when playing.

The JB19 bat comes with a traditional knob that acts as a stopper when the hand is gripping the handle. The knob prevents the hand from slipping from the handle. Additionally, the knob pivots the wrist thereby making it easy to make fast and extremely powerful hits.

Large traditional barrel and sweet spot

Marucci bats are popular for their large barrels and massive sweet spots. The traditional barrel in this JB19 bat provides players with a massive hitting zone. This favors youthful players greatly especially those with minimal hitting experience. This is because they are able to land the ball on the hitting zone as they practice on becoming better hitters.

Consequently, the advantage of a massive barrel favors players in honing their accuracy and precision skills.  The design of the traditional barrel in the bat is done uniquely in such a way that it is balanced. This in turn transfers mass and energy to the barrel for power hitting. The barrel measures an impressive 2 ¼ inches in diameter. With a -5 drop, the bat is easy to swing and control even for players without the strongest hands.

Handcrafted from maple

The Marucci JB19 bat is handcrafted using excellent workmanship and skills to produce a high-quality bat with unmatched durability and reliability. The handcrafting goes a long way in ensuring that there are no flaws or defects in the bat. The maple used in the bat is finely tuned for strength and overall hardness. The bat is bone rubbed for purposes of attaining ultimate wood density that is engineered to favor players with experience in hitting wood bats.

The JB19 is a perfectly balanced bat thereby allowing for complete control and precision in making bat swings. The iconic features in this wood bat are specific to the Marucci brand of bats only. The even and uniform distribution of weight along the entire length of the bat allows for easy control and accuracy when swinging the bat. It is worth noting that the bat is considerably lightweight in comparison to other wooden youth bats in the market. In addition to this, the balanced feel that players enjoy when using the bat goes a long way in influencing their playing experience.

Minor drawback

Just like for other wood bats, it is extremely important to exercise care and attention when using the bat. This is because it cracks and develops weak lines on the barrel when the bat is hit against hard surfaces like concrete. You should only use the bat for hitting baseballs as other surfaces are likely to damage the barrel as well as the entire bat length.

The best thing about the JB19 bat is that you can use it in all weather conditions. Its performance and reliability are not affected by any weather extremes. As such, you can use the bat in extremely hot or cold weather without any decline whatsoever in its performance or functionality. Get the JB19 bat today to get the true value of your hard-earned cash and get an all-time reliable bat.