Mizuno F20 Power Carbon Review

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Softball players and enthusiasts looking for an incredibly powerful fastpitch bat should look no further than at this Mizuno F20- Power Carbon bat.  Over the years, Mizuno has prioritized on designing and developing high-end bats that boast of superior construction, unique reliability, durability and guaranteed performance. Most Mizuno bats are competition approved and hence, when you invest in an F20 bat for softball, you not only get a bat to polish your playing skills with but also use for competitions. Ideally, you get the value of two bats in one bat. From the handle all through to the barrel, the F20 bat features solid construction that is performance guaranteed.

Mizuno F20- Power Carbon Review

Powerful and dual-frequency dampener

Just like it is evident from its name, the F20 bat is an all-powerful softball playing tool. Its power is attributed to its superior design and construction concept. Ideally, the bat is created in consideration to the needs and requirements of all athletes. This goes a long way in guaranteeing that the bat is a perfect choice for all players including beginners and intermediate players.  The two-piece design boasts of an innovative technology that maximizes the bat’s performance.  The 2-piece construction also dampens vibrations and shocks generated when hitting the ball with the bat.

One of the unique features about this F20 bat is seen in the fact that it comes with a dual-frequency dampener.  This patented concept combines the use of two different materials for purposes of higher performance and reduced vibration. It is worth noting that this feature is only found in Mizuno bats and aims at providing players with seamless playing experience.  Additionally, the bat features Cylinder Seaming Construction concept that allows for consistency in performance and durability of the barrel.

Stiff carbon handle

The best thing about the F20 bat by Mizuno is that its construction is pegged at providing players with all the power they need to make perfect hits.  The stiff carbon handle in the bat reduces the likelihood of loss of energy when the ball comes into contact with the bat. The handle has a smart working concept whereby it concentrates much of the power at the ball and less energy at the handle.  Consequently, this makes it possible to use the bat for long playing sessions without straining your muscles or feeling fatigued in the hands.

The handle is sufficiently cushioned to provide the best protection to the hands against stings and vibrations. Consequently, this helps in ensuring that it feels comfortable to grip the bat in the hands even when making extremely fast swings and powerful hits. Generally, Mizuno has made it a priority that little or no vibrations at all reach the hands of players.

Reliability and durability due to Black Onyx Carbon

The only efficiency in a bat; whether for youthful players or pros is seen in its reliability. This is because it ensures that you can use the bat for long without requiring replacing it due to breaking or a decline in its performance. There are poor quality bats that break after a few hits and hence require you to replace the bat within a short instance. Such bats are not only expensive to use but also disadvantage you greatly due to their shoddy performance. However, with the F20 bats from Mizuno you not only get a quality bat but you also enjoy the reliability of a high-end bat.

The Black Onyx Carbon material is resistant to wear and tear. This makes it possible for the bat to withstand the impacts of daily use without denting or breaking. You can use the bat in all types of weather without worrying about any decline in the performance and reliability of the bat.

Minor drawback

The only slight disadvantage about this bat is that it requires time to break in. As such, you cannot use it right from the box. However, with just a few hits, the bat become ready to use for all your training and playing sessions.

The best thing about this Mizuno F20 bat is that it has an amazing pop that distinguishes it from other bats in its league. The bat is approved for use in leagues including ASA, USSSA, NSA, & ISA among other leagues. Buy this softball bat and enjoy the convenience of a high-end bat with a classy batting experience.