Mizuno Generation Big Barrel Baseball Bat Review

Mizuno Generation Big Barrel Baseball Bat Review

The Mizuno Generation bat has in the recent past become a favorite option for most baseball players. Like other Mizuno bats, this Generation bat boasts of a lighter swing, amazing pop, and well-distributed weight along the bat’s length.  The Bat provides quality swings to youthful hitters and players who are keen on becoming pro batters. Other key qualities of this incredible bat include a massive hitting zone, maximum performance, and increased efficiency among other aspects. The best thing about investing in this bat is that it saves you the trouble of having to replace your bat from time to time.

Mizuno Generation Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Superb performance

Mizuno has paid great attention and detail to the performance of the bat in line with ensuring that the performance is at its best at all times.  The barrel features exclusive technology and design that ensures maximum energy transfer from the handle all through to the end cap. The Coretech design employed in the construction of the bat allows for variable barrel wall thickness. Consequently, this provides for uniform energy transfer throughout the bat.  This feature favors power hitters greatly as they do not need to use too much energy when swinging to hit the ball.

The sweet spot and the end-cap have been re-designed to provide a massive hitting zone that is hard to miss even for amateur batters.  The end-cap positively impacts the performance of the bat and produces an amazing pop sound.  This goes a long way in enhancing the experience that players enjoy while on the pitch.  Compared to older Mizuno bats, the end-cap boasts of enhanced durability that optimizes the overall performance and reliability of the bat.

Classy and innovative design

The most classic feature about the Generation bat by Mizuno is that it comes with a seamless design that is iconic to Mizuno.  The best thing about the bat is that it is not over-engineered and hence all the features work to perfection.  The barrel is reinforced with top quality aluminum alloy for maximum durability, strength and unrivaled reliability.  The weight-length ratio of the bat is pegged at -10 (drop) thereby making the bat a perfect choice for older kids and youthful players. This drop allows for better handling and control when swinging to make precise hits.

The Generation bat is a compact batting tool that shows incredible resistance to wear and tear due to regular use. For starters, the barrel does not develop cracks, dents or even breakages even with regular use on a daily basis.  What is more amazing about the bat is that you can use it in any weather including extremely cold or hot weather.

Grip& Comfort and Vibration control

One unique aspect about the 2018 Generation bat by Mizuno is its lightweight design that provides for quick swing speeds and a comfortable feel.  The bat prides itself in a comfortable grip that makes it easy to grip the bat for long durations without straining your hand muscles. The handle is tapered and cushioned for a comfortable feel on the hands. When using this bat, you can be guaranteed that you will not likely suffer any blisters or injuries on the hands. Additionally, the cushioning on the handle absorbs sweat and hence sweat will not cause any disturbance to you when on the pitch.

The barrel is designed to absorb and discard vibrations before they reach the handle. As such, players do not have to deal with the uncomfortable stings, shocks, and vibrations that are common in substandard bats.

Minor setback

The only shortcoming about this bat is that just like other Aluminum bats, it requires a few hits to break in. Ideally, it is not ready to use immediately out of the box but after several hitting sessions, you can be guaranteed that it is ready to use for all your training and competitive needs.

The Mizuno Generation bat has become a pacesetter in the world of youthful baseball. It has proved to be a reliable bat for advancing from amateur baseball to intermediate playing levels.  It is a bat that any player can use to polish their skills and set themselves towards becoming pro-players. Get this bat today for a batting experience with a difference. Its performance will definitely not disappoint.