Mizuno Mzm271 Custom Classic Maple Bat Review

Mizuno MZB 271 Custom Classic Bamboo Baseball Bat

Mizuno Mzm271 Custom Classic Maple Bat Review: one of the best bat manufacturers in the baseball bat industry. The company has a solid reputation for designing and developing classy bats. There is a lot of time, skills, and workmanship that goes into the design and consequent production of these bats. The product is a BBCOR certified bat with a sanded handle and a cupped end. It can be used for competitions and leagues in high school as well as NCAA competitions. The bat is designed to perform and function at its highest level possible.

Mizuno Mzm271 Custom Classic Maple Bat Review

Great pop

For players who love hearing a unique pop sound after the bat makes contact with the ball, this MZB271 is the bat to purchase. The bat produces a characteristic pop sound that makes the bat stand out from other bats. The professionalism that has gone into the design of the bat ensures that the pop sound produced is neither too loud nor barely noticeable thereby not distracting the players in any way. The best aspect about the bat is gentle on the hands. As such, the pop sound combined with a soft feel on the hands enhances an enjoyable playing experience. The best aspect about the bat is gentle on the hands. As such, the pop sound combined with a soft feel on the hands enhances an enjoyable playing experience.

High-quality wood and very durable

The top-grade bamboo wood used in making the MZB271 bat contributes to the bat’s enhanced strength, performance and unrivaled durability. In addition to this, the company also uses high-level engineering when making the bats ensure that the bats perform better than other bats in the market. What is more unique about the classic wood used in the bats is that it also enables the bats to possess an expanded lifespan and exceptional durability.

Sanded handle and cupped end

When using the MZB271 bat by Mizuno, you can be guaranteed to have a firm grip on the bat. This is because the bat comes with a sanded 15/16” handle that allows players to have a better grip on the bat when swinging to hit the ball. The handle also cushions players from strings and vibrations produced after striking the ball with the bat. It is also worth noting that the bat also features a professionally cupped end that provides for faster swing speeds and more precise weighing. Since the bat is generally lightweight, you can play baseball consistently using the bat without straining your muscles.

BBCOR certified and exceptionally finished

The greatest aspect of the MZB271 bat lies in the fact that the bat is BBCOR certified and can thus be used for competitive playing. Previously, Mizuno bats were used for training only but with the certification, they are now admissible in leagues and competitions. The bat comes with a functional double-dipped (grain sealant) finish that ensures moisture control and superior strength. The high-end finish on the bats also provides the bat with its characteristic look such that it is easily identifiable and easy to distinguish from other bats in the market.

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Benefits and pros of the MZB271 bat

If you want to get an added advantage over your opponents every time you step into the pitch, this is the bat to get. From its quality finish to expanded lifespan, enhanced durability, amazing pop and a unique look, this is definitely the bat to purchase. This bat is typically an everyday bat that comes with a guarantee of providing you with dependable and reliable performance throughout its lifetime.


The only minor setback in this MZB271 bat is that some players find the handle uncomfortable to grip due to its thin sandpaper-like feeling. This is especially common for players who are new to using the bat. However, with time, players get used to the bat and it becomes comfortable to hold even for long playing sessions.

For most professional and career baseball players, the MZB271 bat has become a reliable bat due to the artful craftsmanship and technology put in place by the manufacturer. As such, the bat exhibits serious performance and unmatched functionality thereby making it a great bat for competitive playing. The level of expertise and skillfulness employed in this Mizuno bat is unseen in other bats in the market. When you purchase this bat, you definitely get great value for your hard-earned cash.