Top 8 Most Popular Sports In The United States

most popular sports in united states

Which is the most popular sport in America? After reading this article to the end, you should be able to find the answer to this question. The truth is that sports are central to the lives of many people. Spectators love watching it, players love winning and entertaining their fans, whereas as some people make some money out of sports betting. Without further ado, let us begin the countdown. Read my article: The Most Popular Sports In The United States for more information

1. American Football

Although its popularity has experienced a decline, American football is still the most favored sport in America. A recent survey, undertaken by Gallup, shows that up to 37% of Americas prefer the sport to others. This represents a decline of 6%, where its popularity was at 43% in 2006-2007. The National Football League (NFL) is the most popular league in not only the region but the world as well.

Super Bowl, remains the most coveted trophy in the sport and it’s always a dream for any team to win the championship. The estimated viewership is around 114 million worldwide. It also sees companies fighting for a slot to advertise in the final game. This year, the cost for a 30-second advert was around 5.25 million dollars

2. Baseball

Known as the nation’s pastime, baseball is without a doubt one of the most loved sports. It’s also among the oldest and is enjoyed by people of different ages. Statistics show that it ranks 2nd in terms of popularity and has a huge following. On average, a game enjoys an attendance of as many as 10,000 people and is played at different levels. There are two main levels and these are Major League Baseball (MLB) and minor league baseball. And support its growth, there are many institutions and academies that are charged with its development. Click here if you want to learn about how to bet on baseball.

3. Basketball

Basketball takes the 3rd position when it comes to popularity. Like other sports, it is played at different levels depending on experience send skills. The lower levels target amateurs while the higher levels consist of professional players. The National basketball league (NBA) is the body n charge of the games and sets rules and regulations. Data indicates that a competitive game will receive as many as 14,000 spectators.

The US basketball ball team has for many decades dominated the world scene and still continues to do so. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Russell Westbrook. Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, and James Harden are some of the well-known players. Besides America, it’s also well-liked in other parts of the world. Notable regions include Spain, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and Russia. Worldwide, it ranks 10th in regards to popularity.

4. Soccer

Soccer, at times, referred to as football by people from the United Kingdom (UK) is among the fastest growing sports. In a recent poll done by Gallup, the popularity was 7%. This may not seem large when compared to the likes of American Football (37%), basketball (11%), or baseball (9%). However, it’s one of the sports that experienced growth, from 4% to 7%.

Major League Soccer (MLS) is the main league that draws teams from all over the region. The growth is witnessed in both genders (male and female) and if we are to go with the latest trends and statistics, it will continue to become a top pick for many people. The women performed quite well in the Women’s World Cup 2015 and this has contributed to its growth and popularity. Data indicates that 25 million plus Americans watched the global tournament.

5. Ice Hockey

Simply known as hockey (not to be confused with field hockey), this is also another favorite choice for many people. It is not as widespread as other sports such as baseball, basketball or American football and is mainly played on the northern part of the US. This region borders Canada, which prides on being a leading region. The latest statistics show that it is experiencing growth with its popularity rising from 3% to 4%. This comes in a period where the other top sports are witnessing a decline.

Like other sports, several leagues target players of different calibers. The highest and most prestigious is the National Hockey League (NHL). It has a large following and is one of the forces behind its soaring popularity. The US performed quite well during the Winter Olympics and managed to win the Gold Medal.

6. Tennis

The US enjoys great success when it comes to tennis. It has produced great players for many decades. Notable ones include Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, Ivan Lend, Jimmy Connors, André Gassy, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, and Andy Riddick. The long streak of success has seen the sport maintain its high popularity. The region also holds many tournaments that attract big names. These include the US pen, Western & Southern open, Miami open, and BNP Paribas Open.

Although it is not as popular as it was several decades ago, it still commands a huge following. The latest research from the Tennis Industry Association (TIA) indicates that the participation rose by about 1% and currently has 17.9 million players. Tennis academies such as Atlanta’s Court Elite (ACE) in Georgia, John McEnroe Academy, Gorin Academy, Evert Academy, and Saviano High-Performance academy are spurring the interest.

7. Pickleball Game

Another popular and fastest growing sport in the United States is the pickleball game. Usually, the game is played in a court where there is a net. You may even confuse mistake pickleball for tennis or badminton. According to the USA Pickleball Association, the number of people who are interested in this game has grown to 650% in the past six years. Most of the people who are interested in this game are said to be the younger set. The name of the game comes as a result of rowing and fishing boats, where the last boat that returns consists of whatever crew is inside to row. Other people say that the name of the game is inspired by the family dog, Pickles who were always chasing the balls. Pickleball can be thought to be a mix between ping pong, racquetball, and tennis.

You must follow the pickleball rules accordingly to avoid being thrown out of the game.

To play the pickleball game, you need special paddles and a waffle ball. The game is played in tennis courts that have specific lines. Unlike the nets in a tennis game, pickleball nets are usually smaller in size. Pickleball is a sport for almost anyone. Unlike playing tennis where there is too much running or ground cover, pickleball does not. For older people or those who want to stay in good shape and want to stay active, pickleball is the best game.  The sport is mostly played in the Pacific region which is the place where it was started. It is quick so playing it can give you enough exercise. A league takes only 15 minutes

8. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

MMA is also a favorite sport for many people. And despite being relatively new on the scene, it has been growing rather fast in the last two or so decades. In fact, many people believe it is more popular than boxing and will soon surpass wrestling. Fights such as the one between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor gave the sport huge boots. It’s believed that the Loser, McGregor, walked away with not less than $ 30 million whereas the winner, Floyd Mayweather, took home $100 million. More than 50 million people in the USA watched the fight.

UFC is the leading professional league and has immensely contributed to the growth of the sport. Besides Connor, other big names in the sport include Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones, Amanda Nunes, KhabibNurmagomedov, Max Holloway, TJ Dillashaw, and Henry Cejudo.

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In conclusion

There completes the review of the most popular sports in America. You will notice that most of them have been around for decades and continue to appeal to both the young and old. MMA has seen growing interests and is surpassing many other sports as the preferred option. Whichever your preference, you’ll definitely enjoy taking part or watching it.