Old Hickory J143m Review 

Old Hickory J143m Review

Old Hickory bats have for a long time become a favorite bat option for professional softball and baseball players. These bats are made from premium quality wood and hence the bats boast of excellent reliability and durability. Since these bats are designed for professionals, it goes without saying that they are solidly built with hard barrels that do not dent even with consistent hitting. The Old Hickory J143M bat features solid one-piece construction and hence its performance guaranteed. With this bat, you need not worry about the bat breaking apart if properly taken care of and maintained.

Old Hickory J143m Review

End-loaded with a massive hitting zone

The weight distribution in the J143M bat is more towards the barrel for an end-loaded feel. This in turn makes it easy to make powerful hits while at the same time guaranteeing precision and control of swings. The end-loading of the bat allows for efficient training and practice on swings speeds. Additionally, the J143M bat is designed to replicate a balanced feel in the player’s hands. Consequently, this ensures that the bat is ideal for use by inexperienced and youthful players who are new to the sport.

Like other classy bats with amazing performance and functionality, the J143M bat has a long barrel that in turn provides for a massive hitting zone. This sweet spot provides players with a sufficient hitting zone for practice and training. As such, it becomes easy to improve your hitting skills and accuracy by guaranteeing that the ball always lands on the barrel.

The superior construction and unmatched quality

Old Hickory prioritizes the quality of their products. In line with this, the J143M bat features superior construction using selectively selected maple wood from Canada. This not only ensures that the bat is durable but also that it possesses unique functional properties. The maple wood in the bat is finely finished for excellent resistance to wear and tear and damage from weather effects such as extreme sun and rain/wet conditions. Therefore, you can use the bat all-round the year in different weather patterns. The natural finish on the bat also enhances the overall appearance of the bat.

The greatest aspect about this bat is that its quality is high and unparalleled by that of other wood bats in the market. The one-piece construction of the bat ensures smooth transition of energy from the hands of the batter all-through to the bat length and the end cap. What’s more unique about the bat is that its -2 to-3 length-weight ratio also enhances the ease with which the bat follows a desired swing path in readiness to hit the ball.

29/32 inch handle with a traditional knob

The J143M bat by Old Hickory comes with a 29/32 inch handle that is easy and comfortable to grasp in the hands. The standard size of the bat’s handle provides for secure grips even for youthful players without massive hands. It is worth noting that the handle features a traditional knob that doubles as a stopper. Therefore, the bat remains safely secured in the hands even during high-speed swings due to the knob. Consequently, with this bat, you need not be concerned about the bat slipping off the players’ hands when swinging. This safety feature is only found in the best quality and high-end bats.

Overall, the J143M bat is a perfect choice for contact hitters with a preference for light swing weights for purposes of increased distance and hitting power. The cupped end in the bat reduces swing weight thereby allowing for powerful and highly accurate swings. This is a daily use bat that exhibits unique resistance to daily wear and tear.

Minor drawback

The only minor disadvantage about this bat lies in the fact that since it is a wood bat, it’s pop sound is not as loud as that in composite and metal bats. However, this does not in any way interfere with the efficiency and reliability of the bat.

Buy this bat today and enjoy practicing, training and competing with the bat right from the box. This is because does not require any break-in hits.  Despite the bat being a solid and durable bat, it is recommendable not to use the bat for hitting hard surfaces such as concrete.  This is because such surfaces will dent and eventually lead to the breaking of the bat.