Pocket Radar Ball Coach Review [2023]

Pocket Radar Ball Coach Review

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The Pocket Radar Ball gun has in the recent past become a favorite radar gun option for both players and coaches. The gun is lauded for its impressive accuracy, performance and reliability. The device comes in handy when you are keen on refining your playing styles and hitting speed.

The devices suitability is not only limited to baseball as it can also be used for softball and tennis. In addition to this, if you play a sport that emphasizes the need for collecting accurate data on ball speeds, then this is the ultimate radar gun for you. Here is what you need to know about this tool:

Pocket Radar Ball Coach Review

Powerful features

The Pocket Radar gun is loaded with powerful features including automatic hands-free operation. The gun comes with a Personal Training Mode/Constant-On functionality that allows for hands-free use. When the gun is set in this mode, you do not need to hold the gun in the hands to read the highest ball speeds.  You only need to focus the gun in the flight path of the ball for it to record the highest speeds.

What is more amazing about the gun’s powerful features is that it features an automatic triggering option.  To activate this feature, you just need to hold down the trigger then release it. This feature is designed to enhance the convenience of using the radar gun especially for players training on their own. For purposes of tracking and reviewing your progress, the gun comes with an inbuilt memory that comes with the capability of displaying 25 previous speeds.

Ideal weight & Size

If you are keen on owning a perfect radar gun that is easy to handle due to its compact size, then you should consider investing in this Pocket Radar gun. You can comfortably hold the gun in one hand and operate the trigger button with ease. This convenience of handling the gun makes the device portable and discreet. The compact size of the gadget allows for long durations of use since it does strain the hands.

Just like its size, the weight of the gun is also compact in that the gun weighs only a few grams. This makes it easy to hold the gun securely in the hands even for youthful coaches. The gun features excellent flexibility and ease of use. Since it is specifically designed for measuring the fastest ball speeds in flight. Ideally, the tool is perfect for self-guided drills, hands-free operation, and smart player development.

Pro-level accuracy

The accuracy of the Pocket Radar Ball gun is unbeatable by other radar guns in its league. This is because the gun comes with Pro-Level Accuracy with a +/- 1 MPH accuracy. It is worth noting that the accuracy of this gun compares to that of expensive high-end speed guns. This radar gun comes with a 120 feet range for baseball/softball and a further range on massive objects. For easy reading and data accuracy, you can interchange the data between miles/hour and kilometers/hour. What is more to note about the device is that it comes with an immediate shutdown functionality.

The material used in making the outer shell of this Pocket Radar gun is the same high-quality material that is used in making baseball helmets. As such, the gun comes with sufficient protection from falls and impacts generated when the gun is hit by a ball or bat.  The most amazing aspect about the gun is that it is designed to track and measure the fastest speeds of baseballs in flight.

Minor setback

The only minor drawback about the Pocket Radar Ball gun is that it does not come with the best battery life. Since the gadget is powered by triple ‘A’ alkaline batteries, its battery life is not as reliable as that in baseball guns that use rechargeable batteries. When set to Constant-On Mode, the batteries run for slightly over 1 hour and 2,000 readings when setting to User-triggered mode. This is arguably not the best battery life especially for a radar gun of its standards and functionalities. However, there is no other drawback about the device other than the battery life.

How Accurate Is The Ball Coach Pocket Radar?

According to independent tests, the Pocket Radar technology is accurate to +/- 1 MPH (+/- 2 KPH). This means you can be sure that you are getting a highly accurate reading from the device when measuring pitching speeds.

How Do The Ball Coach Vs Smart Coach Compare?

With the Pocket Radar Smart Coach you can download an app and gain additional insight to your game as well as utilize the data to create baseball training videos based on the measurements from your device.

Conclusion: Should You Choose The Pocket Radar Ball Coach?

Ideally, the Pocket Radar Ball gun is a solid training device that gives coaches a factual representation of the player’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses. As such, with this gun, it goes without saying that the coach can be able to tailor the training depending on the needs of the players. When correctly positioned, the gun displays accurate and verifiable data.