Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Review

Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Review

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Pocket Radar Personal Radar Gun is without a doubt the next big thing in the speed radar technology.  The gun is popular for being the smallest full performance speed gun with incredible functionality and unmatched reliability. This compact and convenient radar gun is a preferred speed gun choice for top college scouts and pro scouts. Baseball coaches find the gun to be a handy tool for monitoring the skills and tactics of their players. Ideally, when using the gun, it becomes easy for coaches to identify areas of weakness and areas that need improvements for their players.

Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Review

Discreet and unobtrusive

There is nothing that beats owning a discreet and reliable pocket radar gun. This hand-held device is easy to operate and can be used discreetly without causing any interference or hindrance whatsoever. The best thing about the device is that its compact size makes it easy to hold even for youthful players with small hands. The gadget weighs only 4.5 ounces when loaded with batteries and hence not heavy.

If you are looking for a baseball speed gun that is efficient and unobtrusive in its operations, you should consider investing in this Pocket Radar Personal speed gun. In addition to using this gadget for tracking baseball speeds, you can also use it for measuring the speed of vehicles, bikes and other moving objects. Using the gadget, you can also discover top speeds of planes, boats and radio-controlled cars.

An all-round speed gun

The most fascinating aspect about this Pocket Radar Speed gun is that it is designed for use with different sports. Primarily, you can use the device for measuring the speed of baseballs, softballs and tennis balls. However, this classic model is also ideal as a powerful training device that can be used for winter sports such as skiing, ice hockey, snowboarding, and bobsled skeleton. The gun also works perfectly for measuring bicycle and skateboard speeds.

With a 120 feet range, the device records speed from 25-130 MPH with an error range of +/- 1 MPH. What is more to note about the device is that it runs on 2 AAA batteries that run for up to 2 hours when on automatic mode. When the device is set in regular mode, the device records a couple of thousands of readings. The speed gun also comes with the capability of storing and recalling 25 most recent readings. This feature is important when training solo.


It goes without saying that the Pocket Radar Personal Gun is arguably one of the most reliable speed guns currently in the market. This mid-range player gun is an inexpensive option that allows coaches to read highly accurate data depending on the player’s capabilities. Despite the gun not displaying speed readings with tenth values like in high-end guns, the radar gun is still a reliable choice for any coach or trainee.

The manual (one-button) operation lets coaches and other users decide the data they want to measure and when to measure it. This feature gives you the freedom to determine how you want to use the gun depending on your needs and preferences. The only consideration you need to make when using the gun to get accurate data is ensuring that the gun should remain in line with the object of interest.

Minor setback

The only slight drawback about this radar gun is that it cannot be used for accurately measuring bat speeds. Ideally, there is no radar gun that can measure bat speeds due to the mechanics of operation of these speed guns. This is because radar guns are designed for measuring the speed of objects that are a motion for a few seconds and maintain a consistent flight path.  However, you can use the device for measuring pitching speeds and ball exit speeds. When measuring ball exit speeds you should stand at a considerable distance such as 5 feet for accurate measurements.


This easy-to-use discrete Pocket Radar gun is a great product that is incredibly portable and hence you can easily carry it around the pitch. A device is a reliable tool for developing and polishing the player’s playing skills. Ideally, when using the device for coaching and practice sessions, you should not worry about the device breaking. This is because the gadget’s rugged outer shell is genuinely hard and durable. There is no calibration required when using the device and hence it is ready to use right from the box.