Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat Review

The all-new 2019 Rawlings 5150 USA Bat is arguably one of the finest quality bats in the market presently.  This one-piece metal alloy bat boasts of unmatched strength, amazing pop and a massive sweet spot.  Additionally, the 5150 features a characteristic balanced feel with a -10 drop (length-weight ratio). Rawlings has built this bat on the premise of guaranteeing that they deliver an iconic bat that is simple to handle and swing. This goes a long way in providing youthful players with a powerful tool for practice and competition. This 2019 bat features new and updated features that are lacking in previous models.

Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat Review

Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Single piece construction with a balanced weight

Featuring a single-piece construction, this 5150 bat is designed for easier and quick swing speeds. This construction also ensures a smooth transfer of power from the hitter’s hands to the end-loaded cap. This in turn translates into massively powerful hits. The bat is easy to control when swinging thereby enhancing the precision and accuracy of hits. This construction delivers solid contact between the bat and the ball thereby generating enough power to hit the ball as far and as hardest as you wish. Ideally, the one-piece construction is designed to provide players with the power they need in their hands.

The balanced weight of the bat ensures that the weight of the bat is evenly distributed throughout the length of the bat. This distribution makes the bat overall light and hence does not tire the hands even when using the bat for long playing sessions.  This high-end youthful bat is built for use by youthful players of all kinds including those whose hands do not have much strength.

Excellent vibration control and loud pop

Stings and vibrations generated when the bat hits the ball can create an uncomfortable feeling in the hands.  This 5150 bat comes with a tapered handle and well-cushioned grip for absorbing these vibrations.  As such, players are able to grasp the bat in the hands without any concerns whatsoever about any stings, vibrations or shock generated in the bat. Additionally, the grip is designed professionally to ensure that players are able to firmly grasp the bats in the hands. Consequently, the grip eliminates the likelihood of the bat slipping from the hands during fast swings.

There is probably no greater fulfillment in the pitch than having a bat that produces an amazing pop sound upon contact with the ball. This 5150 has a classic pop sound that will definitely turn heads your way when on the pitch. The pop produced by this bat is comparable to that of high-end professional bats that cost an excess of $1000.

Reliability, durability and unmatched performance

There is nothing that beats durability, reliability and performance all wrapped into one bat. Most bats in the market presently only possess one of these traits while lacking in the other two. The 5150 prides itself on being reliable for daily use with guaranteed performance and unrivaled durability. It is worth noting that with appropriate use and maintenance, the bat can last for years in a pristine condition.  Therefore, when you invest in this bat, you can be guaranteed that you will not need to replace it in the foreseeable future if it is well maintained.

The best thing about the 5150 Bat by Rawlings is that it is performance proof. After breaking in the bat with a few hits, you can enjoy the uniqueness and efficiency of the bat to the fullest.  You can use the bat on a daily basis without worrying about the bat breaking apart or its performance declining.  You can purchase the bat for your youthful kid to use it for transitioning to professional playing levels.

Minor drawback

The only setback about this bat is that it requires a few hits to break in. As such, you cannot use it right from the box. However, after breaking it in, you can be guaranteed to enjoy uninterrupted performance and reliability for the length of time you will be having it.

Generally, the bat is one of the best purchases you can make for your kid towards contributing to their journey of becoming pro players.  The bat not only provides you great value for your hard-earned cash but also ensures that you will not need to purchase a replacement bat in the near future.