Tanner Tee Review


Tanner Tee is a reputable brand for batting tees due to the qualified skills and expertise employed in the design of these tees.  Featuring easy height adjustments, the tee boasts of enhanced reliability and durability. This makes the tee an ideal preference for people looking for regular use batting tees. This tee comprises of two parts; a polymer base (9” weather resistant) and an adjustable stem. Additionally, the tee is incredibly easy to use for both coaches and youthful players.  The ease of use and convenience of the tee make it the ultimate training tool for pro batting experience.

Tanner Tee Review

Durable and cost-efficient

The Tanner Tee brand has over the years remained consistent in terms of durability and build strength.  The tee has a sturdy design that is resistant to wear and tear. Millions of coaches from across the globe rely on the brand for its strength and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. You can use the tee in all weather conditions as its efficiency is not hindered by any weather extremes.  The frame of the tee is strong and solid thereby ensuring that the tee does not break even with a strong impact.

The best thing about the Tanner Tee is that it is cost-efficient.  For starters, it does not require any regular repairs or replacements. As such, when taken care of appropriately, it can throughout its life without any decline in efficiency and performance. Additionally, the tee is a perfect choice for use by a team. Therefore, it saves you the trouble of having to invest in multiple tees for your batting team.

Stable and lightweight

The stability of the Tanner Tee is one of its key benefits. With this tee, you do not need to worry about it being blown over by wind when on the pitch training. In addition to this, the stability of the tee helps in enhancing hitting accuracy and precision.  When using this tee, you are guaranteed that its base stability and firmness will help you in the high-level swing without any strains whatsoever on your hands. It is worth noting that the tee’s stability eliminates external interference during ball strike.

The design and build of this tee is done uniquely such that it also addresses the off-pitch needs of players and coaches. In line with this, the tee is lightweight for easy transport across the pitch and from the vehicle to any desired point of use. Since the tee only weighs a few pounds, it can be comfortably carried by youthful players. It is important to note that the lightweight nature of the tee does don’t affect its stability in any way. Additionally, it is easy to set-up as it does not require any specialized skills.

Patented (Hand-Rolled) Flex-Top

The Tanner Tee features a patented Flex-Top that is hard-rolled and tightly wound at the tip of the tee’s frame. This in turn provides a unique hitting platform while at the same time maintaining excellent firmness and stability. What is more amazing about the tee is that the patented Flex-Top allows the ball to remain securely at the top as you are swinging to hit the ball. There are no mechanical or moving parts on the tee and as such, it does not pose any safety risk to its users.

With the Tanner Tee, you can comfortably indoor and outdoor spaces.  This is because the tee can be set up on any surfaces including concrete, grass and dirt. It is necessary to take good care of the batting tee especially when transporting it in a car. If the top rubber part of the tee bends or is pressed against a hard surface during transport, it can develop permanent creases that are likely to interfere with the performance of the tee.

Minor drawback

The only drawback to using this batting tee is that it is unstable when set up on a pitch with strong winds.  This is because it swings sideways and may therefore make it hard to hit the ball perfectly. However, other than this minor setback, the tee is ideal for use in different weather effects.

The Tanner Tee is an amazing batting tee that is designed to help youthful and inexperienced players polish their batting skills. Buy this tee today to get the real worth of your hard-earned cash.