The Largest Baseball Stadiums In The United States

The Largest Baseball Stadiums In The United States

The history of baseball in the United States dates back to almost three centuries ago. In the present times, the sport is arguably one of the most popular sports in the country. In line with the popularity of the sport, there are very many parks, stadiums, and fields designated for playing the sport. Baseball stadiums across the U.S vary greatly from each other due to shapes of playing fields, seating comfort, architectural style, and cost of a building.

Here are the largest baseball stadiums in the United States:

Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is the third oldest stadium in the USA and is located in Los Angeles, California. With a 56,000 seating capacity boasts of being the first privately built and owned MLB (Major League Baseball) Stadium in the USA. Built from 1959 and officially opened in 1962 for $23 million equivalent to about $182 million in 2017. The best thing about this stadium is that it is designed uniquely to allow an expansion of 85,000 seats in the future. It is the largest MLB stadium across the USA.

Yankee Stadium

Located in New York City, the Yankee Stadium boasts an impressive seating capacity of 52,325. Originally constructed in 1963, the stadium had a seating capacity of 49,642 but got a facelift and expansion in 2009 to its current seating capacity. The facelift and expansion cost roughly $2.3 billion making it one of the most expensive government projects in sports.

Coors Field

Coors Field stadium has a 50,445 seating capacity and is located in Colorado (Denver County). The field was built back in 1995 and boasts of 63 luxury suites in addition to 4,500 club seats. The original design of the field had a seating capacity of 43,800 but this was later changed halfway into the construction due to the drastic increase of baseball fans in its inaugural year.

Turner Field

Turner Field is in Atlanta, Georgia and prides itself in having a seating capacity of 50,095. Originally constructed for summer Olympics of 1996, the stadium has been the venue for national leagues in Georgia since 1997. The seating capacity of the stadium was originally planned to be 85,000 but this was later changed to its current capacity following the field’s reconstruction to convert it to a baseball field.

Chase Field

Home to Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Field is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The stadium has a 48,633 seating capacity. Opened in 1998, the field prides itself in being the first stadium in the US to feature a retractable roof and a natural-grass surface. The main reason for the retractable roof is to protect players and fans from excessive heat since Arizona is the hottest city across the US. The field was partially funded by the county government of Phoenix and by Arizona Diamondbacks. Funding the construction of the field by the Diamondbacks left the team in a bad financial condition almost crippling it to its knees.

Oakland- Alameda County Coliseum

Also known as Oakland Coliseum, the field has a 47,170 seating capacity and is located in Oakland, California. This multi-purpose field was opened in 1966 and boasts of being one the only stadium across the country that is shared by both professional baseball and football teams. The most fascinating aspect about this stadium is that its playing surface is below the ground at 21 feet below the sea level.

Overall, there are over 20 baseball stadiums in the USA with a seating capacity of over 40,000. These stadiums are mostly used for large leagues like the MLB and other professional and competitive baseball leagues. Most of these stadiums have been modernized and reconstructed to feature high-end comfort and luxury as well as word class facilities.