Why Baseball Is The Best Sport In The World

Why baseball is the best sport in the world

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Millions of people actively follows theri favorite baseball teams and leagues. Some of the reasons why baseball is the best sport in the world are:

It values history:

why baseball is the best sport in the world

People have been playing baseball for ages. It is one of the oldest sports which is still played globally. Baseball was played during both the First and Second World Wars and it was also there during the Civil Rights Movement. This connection to the past is what makes baseball unique, and different from other modern day sports. Since it is so old, both your grandfather and father would have also grown up playing baseball. Hence, you get the opportunity to discuss about this sport with the older generation, and learn how baseball was during the old times.

Anyone can play:

why baseball is the best sport in the world


It is one of those few games which is open to everyone. For example, in basketBALL, you need to be really tall and athletic to become a good player. Similarly, in Rugby, you need to be really physically strong to excel. However, in baseball, there are no such physical demands. Even if you are short or not physically very strong, you can still be a top player if you work hard. It is more about your skills than your physique. You can start playing baseball right from a very young age. This is one of the best things about baseball.

The ballparks:

why baseball is the best sport in the world

One of the best things about baseball is its historic stadiums. Some of the most iconic venues in the history of baseball are ” Fenway Park”, ” Wrigley Field” and ” Old Yankee Stadium”. Some of the best players in the history of baseball have played in these stadiums. Apart from that, there are also many other historic venues which doesn’t exist anymore, like ” Polo Grounds”. And each venue has its own specific attributes. All the ball parks have different dimensions. Hence, baseball players have to adjust themselves in different venues. This is the reason why home advantage is really important in baseball. For example, in” Fenway Park”, you will find a huge 40 ft wall, which is also known as the ” Green Monster”.

Family Game:

why baseball is the best sport in the world

At the end of the day, baseball is very much a family game. We have all grown up playing baseball with our dad or friends. That is why it so special for us. It is also played in almost all the schools or colleges. Inter University baseball events are very common. Watching a baseball game with our family is also a great experience always. One of the unique features about baseball is the presence of the ” Little Baseball League” for kids in the age group between 10 and 12. These matches are shown in the national television. Hence, it is a great opportunity for the kids at such an early age.

The Mental Game:

why baseball is the best sport in the world

Unlike most other sports, in baseball you have to constantly think and come up with new strategies. For example, if you are a pitcher, you have to think about the field placements and the strengths and weaknesses of the striker. Similarly, if you are the striker, you have to plan where you want to strike the ball and you also have to look around the entire field to find openings in the field. And if you are there fielding, then you have to plan where to throw in case the ball comes to you. Hence, you always have to stay very alert and focused. This is the reason why baseball players have some of the sharpest minds you will ever see.

Played During Summer month:

Another great thing about baseball is that it is only played during the summer months. Hence, you don’t have to worry about adverse weather conditions. We often see other sports matches getting delayed due to freezing temperatures or heavy rain. But in baseball, there are no such worries. It is also easy for the fans. You don’t need to carry your jackets or umbrella with you. Just a sun glass, a cool pair of flip flop and a refreshing drink will be good enough. You also get to watch baseball for seven months continuously. And unlike the other sports, which are played only on Weekends, baseball is played throughout the week. It is extremely refreshing to watch a baseball game after a long, tiring day at the office or college.

No Time Limit:

One of the best things about baseball is that there are no time limits as such. For example, a soccer game is limited to just 90 minutes. And an NBA game also takes place for 48 minutes. As a result, in the final stages of the game, the team which leads often fouls their opponents unnecessarily just to waste time. As a fan, that is very annoying to see. However, in baseball, every team gets their full quota of 27 outs. Hence, there are no such thing as time wasting.

Full of Drama:

Baseball games are usually full of drama and excitement. Most of the games usually goes down to the wire. Hence, as a fan, it is a very exciting sport to watch. We have also seen some crazy things happening in baseball. For example, only in baseball, you will get to see a coach running down the pitch to remove an ineffective pitcher. Every year, there is also an ” All Stars ‘ game, where you will get to see some of the best players in baseball.


Why baseball is best sport in the world

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Baseball is also known all over the world for its crazy supporters. They are really passionate about their club and there are plenty of supporters who doesn’t watch a single game. The atmosphere is also amazing in most stadiums during the baseball games. Everyone is cheering and you will even find some energetic fans shouting instructions to the players.

The home run competitions:

Home run competitions are also a significant part of baseball. It gives the strikers a good opportunity to show off their strength and timing. Every year before the All Star Game, a Home Run Derby is organized, which is extremely popular.