Best Fastpitch Softball Bats 2022: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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If you are interested in batting excellently, you should ensure that the best fastpitch softball bats you are using are of high-quality. The bat should specifically be designed to match your style of play. Selecting the best bat may not be easy without a buyer’s guide. The following is a detailed review, it is meant to help you easily select the best bat that meets your needs and preferences.



DeMarini Prism WTDXPZP-20 Fastpitch Bat

After the success of 2019 D-Lab Prism fastpitch bats, DeMarini has introduced an upgraded version, also of Prism series. This WTDXPZP Prime is known as the most responsive and high-performance in this series.

In case you don’t know, this bat series has been approved with ASA, ISF, NSA, ISA, and USSSA certifications to be on the field!

DeMarini WTDXPZP is a composite bat with -10 weight drop. Its barrel diameter is 2¼ inches, which is regular width and actually suits everyone.

The manufacturer has really improved this version with impressive features!

Let’s take a look:

We know that this bat is made of composite, but that is not everything! A strong, durable, composite sheet, also known as the endless fiber wall is rolled tightly to make the bat’s barrel.

In this way, the DeMarini bats become much lighter than monoblock bats while maintaining their hitting power! However, it might be because of this feature that this WTDXPZP is not so durable. The barrel can be dented after continuous strong hits at the same spot!

Gapped barrel wall tech used in this bat is actually separating the inner and outer parts apart. This technology gives us an extensive sweet spot and, thus, powerful hits at any pitch speeds!

This DeMarini feels good in the hands. It must be because of its 3Fusion handle system that controls the weight and minimizes vibration.

And if you haven’t noticed yet, this bat creates such a unique sound when it hit the ball! Some consider this as a weird sound, but we think that it is a cheering sound of a successful hit!


  • Incredible feel in the hand
  • Unique sound
  • High performance


  • Poor durability

Easton Ghost Fastpitch Softball Bat

Along with the DeMarini Prism, Easton also introduces a new product in the Ghost series of fastpitch softball bats. It is the Easton Ghost 8067593  double-barrel bat!

Ghost 8067593 fastpitch bat is approved in many leagues, suitable fr ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF players. There are four drop weight options available, from 8 to 11.

These composite bats are highly adaptable in length and weight. On the web, they are available in sizes from 30 to 34 inches, 20 to 24 pounds, respectively. That is why you need to measure your bat properly to get one that feels the best in your hand!

Now, let’s talk more about the Ghost’s upgraded features:

According to what we’ve learned, this bat’s double-barrel construction is in patent-pending status. It is such a cool innovation since we can feel the extraordinary power, grip, and sound in this fastpitch softball bat!

The barrel and the handle are connected by a two-piece ConneXion+/NITROCELL foam, which is lighter and better at keeping your bat together.

The XTX tech, stand for Xtra Tough Resin, is applied on the bat’s barrel to provide us with the best flexibility in the longest run. However, although the barrel is sturdy and powerful, it will probably be cracked after a while.

To cover that, Easton offers a long warranty for this 8067593! A one year warranty counted from the purchase date. During that period, if there are any serious defects that come from regular usage, you should contact Easton’s support team.


  • Perfectly balanced
  • Long-term warranty
  • Cool sound


  • Cracked after a while

Anderson Rocketech 017042 Fastpitch Softball Bat

As well as the ones of DeMarini and Easton, Anderson Rocketech’s bats are also versatile, all-field options! But what makes Anderson’s bat different from the ones above is its material.

Yes, the Anderson Rocketech 017042 is not made of composite, but of high-quality aluminum! This material choice causes its advantages and disadvantages to be completely different from the original models.

Its range of sizes fit from twelve-year-old kids to college players. The aluminum bat is a bit heavy due to both material and the drop weight, which is -9 (not available in -10). Besides, maybe because this bat is made of metal that causes noticeable vibration when you perform a powerful hit!

But what we really love above this bat is its adaptation! You can use it in every season, and it can not crack (as the composite ones). Ready to be outside in any type of weather!

Do you know why?

It is because the aluminum used in Rocketech 017042 is the M-1 aerospace alloy! Together with power arch multi-wall technology, this bat must be one of the most durable products on the market! Besides, it is also more affordable for tight-budget beginners.

The product also comes with a one-year warranty in case something wrong happens to it.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • No cracking


  • Noticeable vibration

Mizuno F20 Titanium Fastpitch Softball Bat

As one of the most expensive fastpitch bats on the market, the Mizuno is also the most advanced one that can offer you the best performance!

Why so?

Well, there are many reasons.

But first, we’re going to talk about its construction:

This titanium Mizuno is designed with 3-Piece construction to create the highest performance and smooth feel. The dynamic damping mechanism will reduce vibrations immediately once you hit the ball so that you can enjoy a comfortable swing!

The handle of this bat is actually a combination of Aluminum and Black Onyx Carbon fiber, which is the stiff material used in the 3D printing industry. Not only does this material choice reduce the bat’s weight, but it also improves the feels in your hands!

Sturdy carbon fibers will selectively transfer the energy to where it should be – from your hands and bat to the ball. Energy loss issues solved!

Next is the barrel part:

It is not just titanium, but the F-20 Hot Metal Titanium that fell pretty good in the hands when you swing it. At least you will not feel like your arms are about to drop! The titanium is wrapped in spiral patterns, which significantly increase the durability of the product.


  • More powerful & faster hits
  • Durable
  • Less vibration


  • A bit pricey

Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch

Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch Review

This is a very unique fastpitch softball bat. It is expertly designed to give you the best batting experience. The bat is purely composite and consists of 2 pieces that are joined together using iST technology. This seamless connection provides a firmer feel, better energy transfer and zero negative feedback.

Your comfort and control are also enhanced. The Louisville Slugger Xeno Bat features an inner aluminum disc that is made using S1iD technology. This makes it more flexible, responsive and forgiving. The bat comes ready and helps you bat efficiently and worry-free.

Swinging it is totally easy as the bat features thinner but stronger walls. This provides light swing weight and helps you bat without straining. The barrel-handle connection featured is designed to retain the stiffness of the handle and eliminate all the resulting vibrations. This helps you to maintain your grip throughout the swings.

The bat comes with a standard 7/8 inches handle that has an end knob. It provides a very good grip that is not slippery. It is evenly balanced and gives you the freedom of batting naturally using your own strength. The bat is good for fastpitch softball training and competitions.

Easton STEALTH FLEX Fast Pitch Softball Bat

This a great bat that is designed to enhance your performance. It is designed to transfer the player’s hit power to a specific hitting zone for better batting results. Its large sweet spot is well loaded and helps you to achieve more with minimal effort. With the Easton Stealth Flex bat, you are assured of zero vibration.

It is a TCT technology composite bat that features 2 pieces of construction. The pieces are joined using ConneXion technology that is effective in eliminating all the vibrations and giving you a better feel of the bat.

A good grip is important for your batting. The handle of this bat is designed to give you the grip that you deserve. It is ultra-thin and available in 29 and 32-inch sizes. The handle comes covered with a very efficient Hyperskin Grip that is 1.2mm thick. Its barrel load is balanced for better swings. The bat’s speed is totally unmatched and gives you a very good plate performance. An end knob is also featured in this fastpitch softball bat that promises nothing short of excellent performance.

Louisville Slugger 17 (-10) Xeno Plus

Louisville Slugger 17 (-10) Xeno plus Review

Louisville Slugger 17 is a famous fastpitch softball bat that is designed to give superior results. It features various technological innovations that are responsible for its excellent performance. The bat is evenly balanced for better feel and control during swings.

It is a composite bat that comprises 2 pieces that are joined together using iST technology. The technology helps in eliminating any negative feedback and giving a more rigid feel that enhances energy transfer. Its barrel is made using S1iD technology that gives a larger sweet spot and better pop.

The bat features a double-wall that is frictionless. The double-wall allows it to flex freely for more power. Its swing weight is lighter and works together with the flex power to give better hits that are non-strenuous. The bat also features an end knob and a synthetic grip that helps you to handle it better.

Easton FP17HL12 Fastpitch Hyperlite Bat

Easton FP17HL12 Fastpitch Hyperlite Bat Review

This is another great fastpitch softball bat that is designed to enhance your comfort while batting. It is a composite bat that is made using Hyperlite barrel technology. This optimizes its sweet spot and enhances its performance.

The bat’s weight is equally balanced for better swing speed. It features two construction pieces that are joined using CXN Zero technology. This enhances its stability and eliminates vibration completely. Its drop weight is -12.

The Easton FP17HL12 Bat also comes with a 1.2 mm grip that is slip-resistant. This grip covers an ultra-thin 29 or 32 inches composite handle that sits firmly and comfortably in your palm. The bat requires very little holding effort.

DeMarini 2018 End Loaded CFX Fastpitch

DeMarini 2018 End Loaded CFX Fastpitch Review

If you have enjoyed batting with the famous DeMarini -10 model, then you will find this one more fascinating. The DeMarini 2018 Fastpitch Bat is an improvement of its predecessor and is giving an extra pop, better power distribution and better weight control. It is a Paraflex composite bat that features two materials of construction. This gives better weight distribution, more flexibility and better pop. Being an end-loaded bat makes it good for longer hits that are non-strenuous.

The bat is designed to give you better performance and weight control through the use of the 3Fusion System. 3Fusion system is an innovation that brings various components together to provide a better and complete feel of the bat. Controlling it therefore gets better and easier.


We will present you with a comprehensive buying guide by answering the questions below.

How to Size A Fastpitch Softball Bat

Choosing a suitable bat size will give you help you get the easiest and fastest hits. Your best fit is the one that you find easy to swing and produce the most powerful yet rapid hits.

To find it, you will need to choose a bat that’s in both appropriate length and weight!


A short bat will reduce the swing power, while a long one is difficult to handle and also exhausted to use.

Here are two simple ways to find out your suitable length:

  • Press the bat’s knob of the bat in the middle of your chest and hold it horizontally to the ground, outward. Reach out your hand, and if you can grab the barrel, this is your needed length.
  • Hold the knob in the middle of your chest horizontally to the ground, point to left or right. If your fingertips can touch the end cap, this is your size.

Or, if you are in a hurry, check out the chart below!

This is a bat length chart based on height and weight measurements. But keep in mind that it is for reference only since everybody’s strength, speed, and favor are different!



Deciding the needed weight of a bat often depends on age and personal preference.

Kids and young players should choose lighter bats in order to avoid hurting their arms. Stronger adult players might want a heavier bat to produce greater power, but this can lead to a slower speed.

A quick test for appropriate weight is holding the bat for 30 seconds with one extended arm. If you can hold it, you can swing it!

Drop weight

Drop weight helps us calculate the weight of a bat from its length and vice versa. It is simply the difference between them.

For example, a 31-inch bat with -10 drop will weigh 31-10=21 pounds.

A lower drop number shows that your bat is heavier than usual. For instance, a bat of drop 9 is heavier and harder to handle than -10. Drop weight is an important factor that you need to consider carefully before purchasing a new bat.

We recommend you try to swing it right at the store!


What’s the Difference Between ASA and USSSA Certifications

Most softball leagues are under the governance of ASA (Amateur Softball Association). The bats made for ASA must meet the batted-ball speed standard of 98 mph.

There are other bats designed for the USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association), NSA, ISA, or ISF as well. They have a higher performance than ASA bats.

What Are the Types of Fastpitch Bats

There are a couple of ways to categorize fastpitch bats.

For example, based on material, we can divide all bats into three main types, namely alloy, composite, and hybrid. Here we will look at alloy and hybrid fastpitch softball bats only.

Alloy Fastpitch Softball Bats

Alloy softball bats are completely made of aluminum or aluminum mixed with other metals to offer you a stronger and stiffer bat. This kind of bat has a competitive edge of having thin and highly responsive barrel walls.

Composite Fastpitch Softball Bats

Composite bats are very much different from aluminum bats. They are made of strengthened carbon fiber polymer, also known as composite.

The bat, which is 100% or almost composite, is called a composite bat. Though they are low-rated for durability, composite bats are more lightweight, have greater damping and trampoline effect than others.

These ones that are mixed from composite and wood or aluminum are another type.

Hybrid Fastpitch Softball Bats

The name ‘Hybrid’ of these bats probably stems from the two-piece design featuring a composite handle and an alloy barrel. The advantages of the Hybrid softball bats are lightweight handle and long barrel.

Another way of categorizing softball bats is based on a length-to-weight ratio.

End Loaded Fastpitch Softball Bats

This kind bears extra weight at the end of the softball bat; therefore, it is heavier than the balanced bat.

Due to the added weight, the end-loaded soft bats are extremely powerful, which you can use to hit the ball hard. However, it is hard to control, especially for beginners.

Balanced Fastpitch Softball Bats

As its name might suggest, the weight of the balanced bats is evenly distributed throughout the structure. It offers you perfect initial speed, total control, and ultimate comfort.

However, it cannot hit the ball as hard as end loaded bats.

What Makes A Good Fastpitch Bat


The fact that you choose a bat that fits your arm size and strength will decide much of “is this the bat for me?†thought. A good fastpitch bat needs to be at the right height and weight to give off its best ability.


Of course, when we purchase something, we will want it to last as long as possible. The lifetime of a bat depends on many factors, but mostly material. Aluminum or titanium bat is the best option when it comes to durable, long-lasting bats.


Your hits are fast and powerful or not will depend on your skill, strength, and the bat’s performance. Composite bat offers high-speed hit, while the aluminum bat is more of a heavy, powerful choice. Traditional wooden bats might be too weak if you’re someone who considers a high-performance bat a good bat.

Feel in the hands

On the other hand, many people think that wooden bats are the winner when it comes to handling comfort. A good bat needs to feel fit, firm, snug, and comfy when you hold it in your hands.

What Are The Best Fastpitch Softball Bats Brands?

There is a wide range of trusted brands that produce high-quality fastpitch softball bats on the market.


Easton is the giant in the sporting equipment manufacturing industry. It has been supplying quality fastpitch softball bats for decades. You can set your mind at rest when buying Easton equipment.

Louisville Slugger

This company started crafting wooden baseball bats at first, before shifting to manufacturing softball bats. Louisville Slugger made its name household with long-lasting bats that will last you year in and year out.


Rawlings is another trusted company when it comes to fastpitch softball bats. Notably, its bats have been used by many teams joining the championship NCAA in the past.

Rawlings bats are known to be more affordable than other competitors, but they still have excellent features.

Axe Bat

Amongst big companies that have been around for decades, Axe Bat is a new kid. However, it has made a big influence over the industry with the revolutionary re-design of the bat handle, which provides more comfort and safety for users.


DeMarini bats are the favorite picks of many top baseball teams. They are not only of high quality but also highly customizable. You are able to personalize your bats with any colors you like.


Unlike other companies based in the USA, Mizuno is a Japanese company. It has been engineering quality softball bats since 1906.

Should You Buy Used Fastpitch Bats?

It depends on how old the fastpitch bats are. We advise you to buy composite bats that are a few months old, but not a few days old.

Why so?

Well, that’s all about common sense.

Few want to sell a brand-new bat back for a lower price unless there is something wrong with it. In the case of bats used for a season or so, the hitter sells it back simply because they have outgrown it.

Furthermore, composite will be more productive over time, making used bats perform better than those out of the box.

Last but not least, used bats are more affordable.

As such, you should definitely purchase a secondhand bat if it is still in good condition.

What Is The Age Of A Player Who Can Play Fastpitch Softball?

There are a lot of softball leagues held worldwide, each of which requires players to meet a different standard of ages. Let’s take a look:

Tee Ball

This is a softball league intended for 4 and 5-year-old girls. Older girls of 6 to 7 years old have a chance to join the team, too.

Minor League

The Minor League welcomes participants from 5 to 11 years old. It has several divisions.

Little League

This is the major softball division that is held for 9 to 12-year-old players. However, depending on the locals, the tournament can limit the age of participants to 10 or 11 years old.

Junior Division

The Junior Division is an international tournament for 12 to 14-year-old players. It is renowned under the name of the Junior League Softball World Series.

Senior Division

This is another international softball leagues, but it is intended for girls. The standard age is from 13 to 16 years old.


Excellent batting performance is important in your game. You should be able to use a durable fastpitch softball bat that will help you set good records in your matches. The list above features high-quality bats that have positively been reviewed by many users. You can use it for comparison and selection of the best bat for your game. Move your game to the next level with any of the featured softball bats.

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